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What Kind of Support You Can Have From a Personal Injury Attorney

If you face personal injury, you are entitled to compensation for the costs incurred. In many cases, liability is regulated by law. For example, in an industrial accident, the employer is usually liable and in a traffic accident, this is the cause of the accident. But how do you start a legal process? You don’t know the “way”. And what if the liable party or insurer is going to be difficult, they don’t want to pay. What then!

Our office has years of experience in treating and guiding people who have suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own. their services are often free of charge. This is because the insurer of the counterparty will pay their costs. With the best lawyers, you can actually come up with the best choices and get rid of the claim issues.

If you want to successfully claim your personal injury over time, it is very important that you make the right choices from day one. The personal injury attorney is the best case here.

Personal Injury Tips

Use the personal injury tips below to be as prepared as possible.

  • Never acknowledge guilt or liability yourself. Complete a claim form with the counterparty. Take photos of the situation and write down address or telephone numbers of witnesses, license plates and the like.
  • Do not hesitate to visit a doctor or hospital first aid the same day. It must be documented from day one that you have sustained a personal injury. The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.
  • Have any complaints and limitations. Otherwise, the insurer takes the position “no medical treatments, then the complaints will also be better than expected”. The insurer then suddenly no longer wants to pay.


  • Get legal help. Check with your own family or friends whether they have experience with a good agency. Always ask your personal injury expert about his costs. You must pay his costs and or you must pay part of your compensation to your personal injury expert.
  • Hold the counterparty or insurer liable as soon as possible. This is to prevent the limitation of your personal injury claim.
  • Track your financial loss from day one. Record the costs incurred (travel costs, medical costs, loss of income, household help costs, to name just a few examples).
  • Request the first payment from the insurer so that you can pay the costs incurred. The use of the law firm comes perfectly there.
  • Do not accept a compensation proposal from the insurer in their experience, the settlement proposal is often too low and never sign a so-called settlement agreement that the insurer will send you cannot legally return to it, their office can then mean little more to you.
  • Be aware of what you tell an insurer. It can and will be used against you if this is in the insurer’s favor.
  • If the insurer wants to schedule a home visit to your home, make sure that your personal injury expert is present at the first interview. The experienced experts from Personal injury are ready to help you. The use of the law firm comes perfectly there.

Entitled To Free Personal Injury Assistance

Suppose you are injured by an accident. The counterparty is partly liable for this. Then you are entitled to personal injury compensation. Opt for legal assistance to claim your compensation. You are always entitled to free assistance with personal injury claims. their personal injury agency offers you free legal advice and assistance. How can you be sure of that? You will receive written confirmation of this before the personal injury process starts. And so also before the personal injury amounts fly around your ears. Choose the best law firms for solutions to such problems.

Not A Catch

Is something offered for free? Then it often sounds like there is a catch. their free legal assistance for personal injury is really completely free of charge. Wondering why there are personal injury lawyers and no cure no pay lawyers that you have to pay for their services? And how we can offer good, free help? We are happy to explain it to you.

Free Help

Why Free Help?

Our personal injury agency was created from the experience that many personal injury offices earn a lot of money at the expense of victims. This way of working is very hard for us. We, therefore, choose to be different. their legal advice and assistance are always 100% free for personal injury victims. We don’t burden you with the stress of having to pay sky-high bills. You have already experienced enough. The best attorney offers the perfect solutions in this case.

Our personal injury office will never charge you the costs of their services. You will receive this black and white from us before the process starts. You do not have to worry that you will receive an unexpected bill on your doormat afterward. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Who Then Pays The Costs Of Their Lawyers?

If there is no catch, free soon sounds cheap. However, that does not apply to their legal assistance. their costs do have to be reimbursed. Not by you, but by the insurer of the liable counterparty. As it should. After all, you are the victim. If you had not been involved in the accident, you would not have had to seek legal assistance.

Dutch law states that you are entitled to free legal advice and free legal assistance for personal injury. You can find this in the article 6:96 BW. In summary, this law states that:

  • You are entitled to free legal advice and assistance with personal injury claims
  • You are entitled to appropriate compensation for incurred and future damage
  • The costs for legal assistance must be reimbursed by the liable counterparty

Does the insurer of the counterparty not want to reimburse all their costs? Even then we will not knock on your door. We take on that risk. Even if it appears that the insurer does not recognize a liability and you cannot claim compensation, we will not send you an invoice. We also bear that risk. The best legal help is underway there.

Is This At The Expense Of My Compensation?

The question naturally arises: is this at the expense of the amount of my compensation? Your compensation and their legal costs are two different costs for the insurer of the counterparty.

What Can We Do For You?

Our lawyers are happy to take your worries off your hands. That is why your personal lawyer arranges everything for you. So you can focus on your recovery period. Your personal injury lawyer provides the following services, among others:

Hold The Counterparty Liable

  • Make an accurate calculation of your current and future damage
  • Conduct complex legal discussions with the insurer of the counterparty
  • Claim the maximum compensation for you

Require An Advance For You On The Final Compensation

Your personal lawyer will also keep you informed of all developments in your personal injury case. For example, you will receive a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail. Do you have any questions in between? Then you can contact us every working day. Their lawyers are happy to assist you. Have the best legal supports now.

Act Immediately

Contact them today. Tell them your story. Moreover, we do not work with waiting lists. They can therefore immediately process your case. The best attorney offers the perfect solutions in this case.

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